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Getting first graders to develop a plan can be quite challenging at first. So, I have created several plans and we have carried them out. But, I have also focused some on sequencing in my reading class to help them understand their is a sequential order to the way we do things. One day we wrote the steps to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. These are just two steps I took to prepare my students to write a plan.

But, the issue of actually trying to create a plan come when they students seem stuck. I often just try to get them talking. Once I can get them talking then they usually verbalize their plan and I can say, "Now write what you said." Sometimes I write it for them and let them copy it if they seem overwhelmed. 

Today I had two issues one student just seemed stuck getting started. So, I began asking her questions. Then the students around her gave her responses, because she was so reluctant to respond. This is a fine way for students to learn from their peers when the are having trouble getting started. This video: plan shows how I allow the others to help he, because she seems unsure. I am not sure the issue may have been a language barrier, but peer help got her going. Here is an example of the student's plan after our discussion.

The other situation where I help students plan is when I actually start a sentence and let them finish it. It seem so simple, but it is a good way to get students started. The video is in the explore section, but I have a link that you can use to watch the video is you want.

  Discourse and Questioning: Planning
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What Does Light Move Through?

Unit 7: Light in My World
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT explain what types of materials light will travel through.

Big Idea: Allow students to plan, explore, and experiment to discover what light will travel through.

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Science, Light, ELA, reflection, mirrors, eye
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