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One enjoyable part of this Tree Unit was the collection of resources that I amassed.  I often use a book to introduce concepts to students.  In fact, books are often the impetus to my lessons.  I may pick up a book, having no intention on connecting it to a lesson.  Then suddenly, I’ll read something about a subject, discover and interesting fact..then off my mind goes in an entirely new direction.  That’s the beauty of books- fiction and non-fiction.  They give us multiple ways to approach a subject.  In this lesson, I re-visited a different book from a previous lesson.  Each book that I used built on the one before.  Initially, I wondered if the combination- flipping back and forth- might be too confusing for the students.  During the lesson though, I noticed that I was doing something that the students do every day- taking advantage of a variety of resources to create ownership of the material..and product.  That is the whole purpose of providing these resources- books, charts, rubrics, labels- for the students.  We can use them to customize our learning in ways that suit out needs.  When we see this in action, we also see the learning exponentially grow.  Yippee for them..and me!  



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Tree..riffic!- Explore Trees Over the Seasons

Unit 9: Tree-riffic!
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students will record the seasonal changes of a tree using a model.

Big Idea: What effects do seasons have on trees?

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Science, Science Skills, questioning strategy, tree
  40 minutes
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