Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Unit 1 Test - Section 1: College and Career Readiness Self-Assessment


This activity is good for my students to be able to self-reflect on their behaviors both in and out of the classroom with respect to this class. Since I have to rate them on these categories every four weeks, having them complete a self-assessment shows me what they think about their behaviors. Allowing them to reflect on how their self-assessment compares to mine is a valuable activity for students to see if they match what I think about their behaviors. As you can see in the student sample of CCRS Wk 3&4, she rated herself as a 1 in time management but from what I can see in class she is doing better than she thought so I rated her a 2. On the other hand, she rated herself a 4 in collaboration and I put her a little lower because there are some times she is off task when working in groups. It helps students to look past just the academic work in physics and to another important aspect: their behaviors.

  Student Self-Assessment: Self-Assessment on Behaviors
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Unit 1 Test

Unit 2: Constant Velocity Motion
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of constant velocity motion in graphical, written, and mathematical forms through a comprehensive unit test.

Big Idea: Graphs, equations, and motion maps are ways to represent constant velocity.

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