Reflection: Accountability Visual Representations in Informational Text - Section 1: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


From the screen shot of the first lesson vs. the interviews of students discussing their present knowledge, I see that students have progressed significantly and gained  meaningful knowledge as well as applications of text features. The screen shot of student texts via responders listed several "I don't know" answers in our first lesson of text features.  Interviews reveal a wealth of knowledge gained as students are able to explain many text features, their purpose, and show examples in text.  Although using responders are a quick and easy way to assess, I follow up with videotaped interviews.  I find that when I layer my questions during the student interviews, students reveal more knowledge.  Often, students do not explain what they know in detail, unless prompted by direct questioning (see resource).

  Accountability: Knowledge gained
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Visual Representations in Informational Text

Unit 2: Text Features in Informational Text
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify visual representations in informational text and define their purpose.

Big Idea: Text features include visual representations that facilitate the interpretation of information in text.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Nonfiction (Reading), charts, illustration, text features, diagram, cutaway, labels, maps, graph
  70 minutes
visual text features
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