Reflection: Standards Alignment Communicating with Sound - Section 3: Exploration ~ the wave crest


Before the NGSS standards, it was likely that teachers would read a text and expect students to memorize and then regurgitate the properties of sound, like when the volume is increased then sound waves travel farther.  The NGSS are really a game-changer in terms of science instruction.  No longer are students passive learners.  Instead, students investigate the properties of sound, like in today's lesson!  The standards also have Science & Engineering Practices that include incorporating math skills.  In this lesson, students use nonstandard measurement as they count their paces.  What's important is not necessarily the exact number of paces, but rather, that students see the pattern in the data; the number of paces increases when the volume rises.  

  Standards: A game-changer
  Standards Alignment: Standards: A game-changer
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Communicating with Sound

Unit 4: Light and Sound
Lesson 5 of 18

Objective: SWBAT describe how sound travels over a distance.

Big Idea: Two, Four, Six, Eight, who do we appreciate? Cheerleaders know how to make sound go farther. Today we will uncover their secrets!

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