Reflection: Student Ownership Simple Machines Computer Simulation - Section 2: The Simulation


In order for the students to work independently and still gain the information and skills you want them to acquire, it's important to offer them structured scaffolding along the way.  The graphic organizer walks them through the activity, while making them responsible for learning the information. In the student work sample, it's obvious the student was able to work at their own pace in order to accomplish the task.  They could also work in any order they choose, so long as the entire chart was completed. 

  Student Ownership: Student Work Sample
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Simple Machines Computer Simulation

Unit 6: Simple Machines
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify the simple machines through an online computer simulation.

Big Idea: Using EdHeads software, students engage in the discovery of simple machines in the context of everyday objects.

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Science, simulation, Simple Machines, SPED, machines, physics
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