Reflection: Students with Disabilities Simple Machines Foldable - Section 3: Elaborate


The foldable itself is an excellent study tool and review activity for students of all abilities, especially those with language and reading impairment.  It provides them an opportunity to connect the topic to their own artistic images and personal examples of the vocabulary.  

Student sample 1 is the first half of the foldable, and student sample 2 demonstrates the second half.  The student used personal examples, such as a yo-yo for the pulley, and because of this he is able to remember the function of the pulley.  

  Students with Disabilities: Student Work Sample Analysis
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Simple Machines Foldable

Unit 6: Simple Machines
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT explain the purpose of each simple machine and provide examples of each kind by creating a paper foldable.

Big Idea: By creating foldables students have a chance to refine their knowledge and understanding of the 6 basic simple machines.

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