Reflection: Flexibility How Do Waves Move Objects? - Section 3: Finding Out That Waves Transfer Energy


Some students didn't notice my instructions to use only 144 to photograph with the cork. They thought I wanted them to look at all three speeds. It turns out that it really didn't matter. They were noticing the energy and how the cork was moving. The drawings were excellent and the labels were clear and well done. I just needed to be clearer about directions, or just ask them to photograph the three tempos. It's alright, no matter what because they all discovered how waves move objects around!

  Flexibility: Mistake
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How Do Waves Move Objects?

Unit 3: Waves
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Students use what they have learned to develop questions about waves and begin to understand how waves transfer energy.

Big Idea: Using what they have observed about water waves & questioning, students continue to develop the vocabulary and begin to understand how waves transfer energy.

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Science, Waves, Sound, Sounds Waves, kinetic energy, Developing Inquiry, Vocabulary Building, engineering
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