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Seize any opportunity possible to support your students in talking to community members about their project.  When students ask for help and communicate their ideas about a project to help others, they are demonstrating good citizenship.  In this case, the students were demonstrating both global and local citizenship.  The gorilla-cell phone project taps into global citizenship because the children are considering the plight of people and animals on a different continent.  It builds local citizenship by prompting the people around them to think of the environmental and human cause of our consumption of electronics.   Developing students’ compassion for others is an integral and necessary part of our curriculum and it doesn’t work in isolation.  It needs to be connected to a meaningful idea.

The writing they did in this lesson after their opportunity to speak with Congressman Grijalva was an across-the-disciplines example of this kind of integration.  They were using their writing and reading skills to collaborate in a Google Doc to write  a letter about the environmental, social, and economic impact of a consumer choice that most people make without considering the string of events that led to the cellphone or other electronic device in their hand.

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  Writing Across the Disciplines: Young Citizens
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Presenting a Persuasive Argument- Children Can Change the World

Unit 6: The Mountain Gorilla Dilemma
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: Students will present their ideas about how to solve an environmental problem involving natural resource use and loss of gorilla habitat.

Big Idea: Students can use their knowledge to take action on important issues.

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