Reflection: Modeling Quiz + Bar Models and Translating Equations - Section 2: Guided Practice


If you viewed the reflection in the "Quiz" section of this lesson, you know that this lesson takes place over two days. The quiz takes place on a separate day from the guided practice with bar models. I have included the do now assignment and powerpoint used for this separate lesson. The aim for the lesson:

KWBAT write and solve two step equations by using bar models to visualize.


The bar model visuals within the ppt are used as examples of the types of bar models students are expected to draw during the class work section. These are displayed on the board and left there during independent practice. The original classwork problems included in this section were used in the lesson this year as well.

  Modeling: More Bar Model Examples
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Quiz + Bar Models and Translating Equations

Unit 4: Multi-step Equations, Inequalities, and Factoring
Lesson 10 of 20

Objective: Quiz + SWBAT solve word problems by writing and solving equations.

Big Idea: Students complete a quiz about factoring and then an activity which uses bar models as a problem solving strategy.

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