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In this lesson I chose to use a Moon Flip Book as a formative assessment tool. Formative assessments are tools that help us gain insight on student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson or instructional unit. I use these assessments to help me identify the which standards or concepts my students are struggling to understand so that I can modify my instruction to meet their specific needs. I like to call my formative assessments, "on the spot" assessing.  I asked my students to create these Moon Flip Books and then I was able to have "on-the-spot" conversations with my students to find out if they understood the moon patterns and phases. 

  Checks for Understanding: Assessment, Assessment, Assessment
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The Patterns of the Moon!

Unit 3: Unit 3: Celetial Patterns: The Sun, The Moon and Stars
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Objective: SWBAT observe, record and identify predictable patterns of the Moon's phases.

Big Idea: When you look at the moon, how does the shape seem to change over time? In this lesson students will use Oreo Cookies to learn about the Phases of the Moon.

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