Reflection: What are Genres? Identifying Elements of Different Genres - Section 1: Introduction


Students have been categorizing books for a while because they have shared their experiences with their family, classmates, and teachers over the years. They have a lot of words that describe their experiences such as, “picture book vs. chapter book, fiction vs. nonfiction, hard book vs. easy, comic book”. I have found that students want to throw these words in when we are talking about genre. For example, I may ask a student what type of books they like, referring to the genre, and they will respond, “I read chapter books.” I address this confusion when it comes up in discussion or during the share. I explain that genre refers to the elements of the plot or the characteristics of the characters rather than the format of the book or how long it is.

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What are Genres? Identifying Elements of Different Genres

Unit 10: Preparing for Reading
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT identify six genres and describe their basic characteristics.

Big Idea: Learning about the type of genres students read supports me and them in finding books that they may enjoy while also encouraging them to try new types of books.

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