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By this time of the year my kids are able to state their thoughts in complete sentences and defend them with evidence. This is expected at a very basic level, e.g. I think the bark protects the tree because it is hard and doesn't let stuff hurt it."

For a quick and easy check for understanding, I use the time that my kids are working independently to roam around and ask questions that requires them to explain their understanding on a topic. I use the same question stems for most lessons because they are generalized:

"How does....?"

"Why do you think...?"

"What would happen if...?"

When it comes to student responses, I look for kindergarten appropriate higher level answers. If a student can explain their thinking in a basic way and the connections are correct, I accept it. I do not accept them to fluently use the vocabulary during the discourse and I do support them in the use of the proper scientific terms as long as I am sure they know what they are explaining. 

  Roaming and asking
  Checks for Understanding: Roaming and asking
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Remember me the tree book

Unit 3: One, Two, TREE!!
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify and sort parts of three different trees by creating a book of tree artifacts.

Big Idea: This lesson clarifies for the students that while all trees may have the same parts, they don't all look the same.

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Science, Science Skills, tree, leaf, seasons
  52 minutes
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