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I teach this lesson in the second quarter of the year by which time they are capable of doing more than just regurgitating information. They are now capable of thinking deeper and making connections. Because I know this, I begin asking them how, why, what if questions. This encourages the kids to make connections between information presented and allows them to reach their own scientific conclusions with teacher clarification and support. The list of question stems provides an opportunity for kids to start communicating their scientific understanding of any topic they are exploring. Using higher level questioning brings kids to a higher level of understanding of a topic. I expect the kids to be able to engage in dialogue on scientific topics independently by the end of the year at an appropriate approaching first grade level. The higher level questioning facilitates that.

  Make them think!
  Rigor: Make them think!
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Root for me, the tree!

Unit 3: One, Two, TREE!!
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT explain how the root system of a tree works by building a model of a tree.

Big Idea: This lesson provides a hands-on experience with the roots of a tree and allows the students to see how the roots impact the overall health of a tree.

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Science, tree, leaf, seasons
  35 minutes
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