Reflection: Relevance At The Pond - Day 3 - Section 2: Take A Picture


Why Take A Photo?

Photos provide a visual reminder of the lesson, help you remember the activity, are a good reference point, and provide details for later. Photos are important and useful! Photos can be taken during a field experience, an experiment or lab, and/or an important activity. Later, photos help to make the lesson relevant by providing evidence for the learner and the teacher. Get your camera ready. Take a few photos. Have fun!

How Do You Take A Good Photo?

1. Techniques: use techniques like black and white or "photo booth", panorama, or even take a video.

2. Zoom: zoom in while shooting, especially during a video.

3. Focus: focus on an object near or far to add depth or creativity to the photo.

4. Down Low: get on your knees or near the ground. This provides an interesting angle.

5. Up High: to get up high you could use a tripod, a camera on a cable, or even use a ladder.


  Why Take A Photo?
  Relevance: Why Take A Photo?
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At The Pond - Day 3

Unit 2: Pond Study: Collecting Data in the Field
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT use science process skills to gather data at the pond.

Big Idea: Observing, measuring, and communicating are important science process skills. As students collect data, they will see the importance of each of these skills.

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