Reflection: Advanced Students DNA Transcription and Translation - Section 2: Explain


While I review the information on the websites with the students, I do not require that all of the students stay in the same portion of the interactives.  Many of my students are able to understand the material as they read it and view the animations.  I encourage these students to work ahead at their own pace.  If they get to a portion of the lesson that they do not understand, I have them rejoin the class.  This provides them with any necessary support they may need, while encouraging them to become more independent in their learning. 

I also include an extra website at the end of the assignment for students who may finish early.  This website includes information that we did not specifically review in class, but that extends learning of the reviewed concepts.

  Students working at their own pace
  Advanced Students: Students working at their own pace
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DNA Transcription and Translation

Unit 4: Genetics
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify the primary steps in the processes of transcription and translation.

Big Idea: This lesson utilizes computer simulations to help students understand the transcription and translation process.

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