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The process of giving and receiving constructive feedback does not come naturally to fourth graders. It is imperative that the teacher sets the tone for such interactions between students. The guidelines that I set out for my students are:

1. Compliments are appreciated and tell your classmate what was successful in their work.

2. If you are unclear about what the student has said, ask a clarifying question. Your question should be focused on a specific aspect of the work that was presented. Questions should be positive in tone. 

3. If you have a suggestion, offer it in a kind way. Assume that the presenter has worked hard on their work and may have forgotten to include something or that they have thought about your suggestion and decided not to include this for a reason.

I used these three ground rules in all of our class discussions in every content area. My students routinely practice giving and receiving feedback from peers. This is a skill that improves over time and I expect my students to need plenty of reminders as they navigate this process.


  Constructive Feedback
  Performance Tasks: Constructive Feedback
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Student Designed Land and Water Experiment

Unit 4: Land and Water
Lesson 17 of 18

Objective: SWBAT describe what they know about land and water and pose questions to investigate.

Big Idea: Land and water interact in complex ways that affect life on Earth.

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