Reflection: Rigor Mountain Gorillas, Natural Resources, and People - Section 1: Taking Action


Students today hear a lot about some of the environmental challenges faced by society.  Regardless of the political perspective of their families, it has become indisputable that some species are definitely endangered.  This lesson captivates them in a powerful way because they understand the direct connection between the devices they use, our throw-away society, and the impact this demand has on the lives of people and animals.  Children believe they can make a difference and have the hope necessary to drive them to action.  This simple kids in action project helps children see the connection between what they are learning in school and developing into responsible world citizens who are empowered to make the world a better place.

  World Citizenship
  Rigor: World Citizenship
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Mountain Gorillas, Natural Resources, and People

Unit 6: The Mountain Gorilla Dilemma
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: Students will read an article about mining that impacts the endangered mountain gorillas in order to create a persuasive argument for how to help.

Big Idea: Natural resource issues, animal welfare, and the most ordinary elements of our daily life (cell phones, Playstations, laptops) are all connected. Students can understand this and it's an important part of developing world citizenship.

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