Reflection: ELL Students Fossils of the United States - Elaborate, Present, and Share - Section 1: Presenting and Asking Questions


It is true that in our adult world Power Points are overused but there is still a place for them in an educational environment.  Whether it's a Power Point or Google Slides, these types of presentations provide students with the visual support need to support language learning and make scientific content more accessible.  In addition, when the students used Screenchomp and Earthviewer on the Ipad to talk about their state's geographic location in a particualr era, this made the very rigorous concept of plate tectonics accessible to them in a way that would have been unattainable with only text.

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Fossils of the United States - Elaborate, Present, and Share

Unit 4: Fossil Evidence
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to present and elaborate upon the connections they made between the different state's fossils and past environments.

Big Idea: Quality research always leads to further questions and scientists share what they find out.

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