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One of the risks that students take when doing an inquiry/discovery based lesson is that it will fail. One pair of my students put together their instrument quite strategically, tying it off and being careful to have strings exactly the same distance apart. Only one problem, it didn't play. So, during our discussion, I asked them, How can you redesign it to work by looking at others' work? They realized right away that the holes in the box did not allow for any reflection or echoing of sound. This is the beauty of failing. They will never forget why musical instruments are shaped the way they and that sound is transferred depending upon the material, shape and how it is played.

  Discourse and Questioning: When Things Fail
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Jam Jam Jam With a Rubber Band Band!

Unit 3: Waves
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students will learn to understand how sound waves are transferred.

Big Idea: Students explore and create a stringed instrument that demonstrates their understanding of sound waves and how energy is transferred.

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Science, sound waves, Sound, Waves, Sounds Waves, engineering, transfer of energy, musical instruments and science, creating a musical instrument to explore sound
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