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The more I teach, the more resources I find around me.  For this lesson, I was wondering about the difference between needles and leaves.  Basically, was there a difference?  The benefit of being married to a horticulturist is that the resource is across the table.  My husband's answer was.. “Wait a minute..I think I have a book about that.”  He came back with Pacific Coast Tree Finder.  While the book didn’t answer my question (I told him that it was a great book. me keep my secret!), it was an amazing resource for other things and gave me many ideas for future lesson plans.  With this lesson, I knew my goal (identify and apply tree parts), though little beyond that.  By modeling to the students that teachers learn new things every day, we are showing them that education is a life long process.  I also shared with them that my husband was a resource for much of the things that I teach them about plants and trees, a connection that engaged them even more.  I really want them to see that our learning can be deepened when we reach out as ask questions.  Asking and answering questions is a huge part of CCSS, and the more they see us doing it, the greater their comfort level will be to practice this crucial skill with the classmates, family, and the greater community.  

  Just Ask, Part 2
  Lesson Planning: Just Ask, Part 2
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Treerific!-Transcendent Trees

Unit 9: Tree-riffic!
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students will create a diagram to identify and explain the four major tree parts.

Big Idea: What is the function of each part of a tree?

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Science, Science Skills, ELL, tree
  30 minutes
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