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This unit was surprisingly fun to teach.  I designed several lessons that really allowed the students to connect to the material and get their hands (literally!) dirty.  When it came time to design the assessment though, I’m not too proud to admit that I was stumped.  As teachers, we’re expected to know the material so we can effectively teach it, right?  When it comes to assessment, it can become more difficult to continue that thread of engagement.  Perseverance isn't just for the students; teachers need to practice this skill as well.  It took me a while, but I persevered through the mental block and realized something- it’s just as important to connect the students to the assessment (I know, it sounds so obvious when you type it out!) as the material.  I though about the elements of the unit and considered the concept that it came down to the soil itself- what comprises healthy soil?  It’s all in the right combination of ingredients.  And what is the most familiar form of the ‘right combination of ingredients’?  A recipe.  It took this block to make me step back and take my time.  Something new + something familiar= a concrete and lasting learning experience..for all of us.  Thus, the assessment I came up with was healthy soil..via a pot of soup.  I just wouldn’t eat it for lunch.

  Work Through the Hard Parts
  Perseverance: Work Through the Hard Parts
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Soil Secrets Assessment: Soil Soup-What's Your Recipe?

Unit 8: Guardians of the Ground
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will explain the ingredients that make up healthy soil by creating a soil soup recipe.

Big Idea: Why are ingredients are important to healthy soil?

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Science, Science Skills, performance based assessment, soil, compost, ground
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