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If there is one area of Science that I know I need to continuously improve upon - it is my questioning skills with students.  I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my questioning strategies so that I can elicit deeper learning, get rid of those ingrained misconceptions, and provide my students with a solid base with which to build their Science learning on for their middle school years.  However - as frequently as I have looked, there haven't been any professional development classes offered specifically on questioning in the Science classroom.  And if they are offered somewhere - they must be few and far between!

I did find this little gem of an article published by the National Science Teachers Association, How to Ask the Right Questions by Patricia E. Blosser.  It is dated 2000.  However, I do believe it has some great advice on how to analyze question patterns.  Of all of the things a busy teacher can do, I do believe this is one that is worth my time!

  Questioning My Questioning!
  Data Analysis: Questioning My Questioning!
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Day Two of Landen Has Hydro-Logic!

Unit 2: Plaid Pete Discovers What Matters in Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT explain and provide evidence for how water is cycled through ecosystems.

Big Idea: How can a model help us understand the hydrologic cycle? Students revise their models, and extend what they have learned to help them construct an understanding of how water is cycled on Earth.

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Science, Hydrologic Cycle, ecosystem, aquatic, biotic, Plantae, Science Vocabulary, science notebooks, Science Models, carbon cycle
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