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When my son was five, the two of us used to get together to watch the TV show “Zooboomafoo” every afternoon.  The main character was a lemur named Zaboo.  One day, my son turned and asked me what lemurs like to eat.  I said “I don’t know; let’s look it up.”.  When we didn’t find any definitive answer (being a teacher, I need definitive!), we looked up a zoological society and sent them an e-mail.  The next day, my son got his answer (and in case you wondered, lemurs like mangos and garbanzo beans..).  Students are naturally curious and it's often adults who quash that for the sake of expediency.  There's much we can do to encourage this early, independent learning..and it does so much to support their future.  

That early experience introduced me to the idea of using professional organizations to get information to use by and for our students.  I learned that these organizations are credible, well researched..and often thrilled to help a teacher!  Academics is their life, so when they get an opportunity to see their work put into action by excited six year olds, how cool is that?  I used that as a starting point.  When I needed information on tree shapes, I went right to the source, International Dendrological Research Institute.   I received a well crafted answer back from a scientist who was excited to have been asked.  That shows our students that we all have things to learn..and an opportunity to share the things we learn with others.

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Treerific!-Uno, Dos, Trees!

Unit 9: Tree-riffic!
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Objective: Students will observe trees outdoors by making observations on a nature walk.

Big Idea: Why are trees different?

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