Reflection: Student Ownership Visual Views on Education, Day 2 - Section 3: Video Analysis: Why I Hate School But Love Education


The students really liked this piece-the argument itself was similar to issues Matthew B. Crawford brings up in Shop Class as Soul Craft, particularly regarding the meritocracy promoted by grades and how there aren't enough real-life connections in classrooms.  We didn't have much time to talk about it, but the comments actually were more about the filming itself; the music in the background and the guy's speaking voice.  It seemed young and hip, which is awesome because it gives some credibility to the issues surrounding education when they see it spoken about in a way that connects to them; I will certainly try to work this in to a more thorough lesson in the future.

Since one of the students sent it to me, it also gave students a feeling of ownership in the class, which is always a great thing.  This isn't the first time students have shared videos with me, so I've started building a wikispace for the class so they can post their findings (and we can extend the classroom on-line).

  I Wish We Had More Time
  Student Ownership: I Wish We Had More Time
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Visual Views on Education, Day 2

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
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Objective: SWBAT use visuals and their own experiences to make an argument by creating a cartoon of their day based on a model by cartoonist Roz Chast.

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