Reflection: Student Ownership Survival of the Fittest - Section 3: Creating Our Animals


In this lesson, as students played the matching game, they were able to give good reasons why one animal part might mean that an animal would live in a certain habitat. Students explained that animals needed water, or they could run around in an open space, or the animal could fly in the sky.

As students began to create their own animals, the reasoning was even more thoughtful. They were excited about their creations, and couldn't wait to tell me how certain parts of their animals helped them. They took clear ownership in the creation of their animals.

Students were able to articulate why an animal might have a certain type of mouth or paw. They were already thinking about what their animal might eat, how it might defend itself and where it might live.

The reasoning students gave for how they put their animals together showed that they were developing a better sense of what animals need to survive, and that not all animals are alike or have the same body parts. 

  Explaining Their Thinking
  Student Ownership: Explaining Their Thinking
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Survival of the Fittest

Unit 5: Where Does It Live?
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Objective: SWBAT identify parts of different creatures that help them to survive in different environments

Big Idea: Fins, gills, claws, wings, each has a special purpose in helping an animal to survive.

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