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The exit ticket for this lesson is an informal one, as it is verbal, but in asking students to reflect upon the task and their successes and areas for growth, I am making it clear that I am focused on metacognition.  My expectation is that they are always thinking about their thinking.  They do not have to "know the answer," but they need to always be prepared to communicate something that they learned, wondered about, or need to explore in greater detail.

  Procedure for Wrapping up a Lesson
  Exit Tickets: Procedure for Wrapping up a Lesson
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The Weather House - Design and Construction

Unit 1: Introduction to 3rd Grade Science
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT solve a simple design problem by building a miniature house with a constrained set of materials which will withstand a particular season’s weather.

Big Idea: Students will enjoy creating a miniature house that can survive severe weather!

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Science, Community Building, Science Skills, design process, problem solving, start of year 3rd grade, cooperative learning
  60 minutes
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