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It is important that I convey to my students that they are expected to be on-task and engaged during project work.  It often feels so much like play to them that it is easy for them to slip over the line into being silly.  This is why I am extremely vigilant about conferring with all groups frequently in our early project work.  The students learn that they will be checked on often and that they will be held accountable for being on task.  It is okay for them to laugh and talk and enjoy themselves.  On task and quiet are NOT synonymous in this kind of project-based work.  I do expect them to be following the criteria set forth in the initial part of the lesson and if they are not, I redirect them gently and firmly to get back on task.

  Start of the Year Expectations
  Accountability: Start of the Year Expectations
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The Weather House - Design and Construction

Unit 1: Introduction to 3rd Grade Science
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT solve a simple design problem by building a miniature house with a constrained set of materials which will withstand a particular season’s weather.

Big Idea: Students will enjoy creating a miniature house that can survive severe weather!

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Science, Community Building, Science Skills, design process, problem solving, start of year 3rd grade, cooperative learning
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