Reflection: ELL Students Trying out a Different Trajectory - Section 1: Re-engage and Explain


Most students enjoy seeing themselves on video and the engagement level when they are watching a replay of an activity is always 100%.  In addition to being enjoyable for them, which is of great value when it's tied to a meaningful educational experience, the video and concurrent opportunity to diagram prior to writing out and explanation provide extra support for second-language learners and struggling writers.

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  ELL Students: Videos as Language Support
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Trying out a Different Trajectory

Unit 12: Objects in Motion
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SW examine videos of themselves to determine the motion of the block in the bucket drop and develop a theory of how they can alter their motion to be successful.

Big Idea: Students intuitively understand the idea of trajectories from sports and other play. This lesson gives them an opportunity to diagram and write about that understanding.

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Science, Motion, inertia
  60 minutes
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