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I use this lesson to draw students back to prior learning from units taught earlier in the year about heat transfer, temperature, and the kinetic nature of matter. I have tried my best to design a yearlong curriculum model that is circular in nature and hits on many of the same ideas within different contexts. I think it is valuable for students to make these connections and see how interconnected Earth Systems science is. This is vitally important for them as they make meaning of complex systems dynamics while completing lab activities that can seem to have little connection to more global applications. 

Consider building a unifying storyline into your curriculum. As you progress through the year, weave a story of these unifying ideas and the push and pull on systems. 

  Old Lesson Ideas are New Again
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Old Lesson Ideas are New Again
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Thermal Expansion of Water

Unit 3: Understanding Our Changing Climate: Systems Thinking & Global Heating
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Objective: SWBAT determine the relationship between heat and the expansion of water, represent graphically how water expands as it is heated, and connect this information to what is happening on a global scale.

Big Idea: Use this lesson to help your students model large global systems on a small scale.

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