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The reading log can be adapted so that at the beginning of the year, it is very simple. There is only the date, the book title and author, estimate of pages read and time spent reading. As the year progresses, I add things such as whether or not the reading is done at school or at home so that students can analyze the influences of home or school on their reading stamina. I may also add a column for genre after I teach what the different genres are and how students identify them. Later, you could even ask students what type of data would help them reach their personal goals in reading and then add that column or have a blank column for them to add whatever they want. Having them become part of creating the reading log helps them recognize it as a useful tool for their learning as well as teacher anecdotal assessment of their reading habits.

  Adapting the Reading Log
  Adapting the Reading Log
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Filling Out a Reading Log

Unit 10: Preparing for Reading
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Objective: SWBAT accurately record the pages and minutes read per reading session.

Big Idea: With accurate data on their reading, students can begin to make goals to change the habits that may keep them from growing as readers.

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