Reflection: Exit Tickets Interactions Within Earth's Atmosphere - Section 4: Explore-Explain


An idea to wrap up this lesson could be the use of an exit ticket strategy where you ask students to respond to two sentence starters...

I used to think......Now I think......

Frame this into the context of a throughline around change in greenhouse emission over time: "What are greenhouse emissions and why do they matter?"

Give students time to reflect and write at the end of class. As a teacher, you use their responses as formative assessments and look for patterns of student understanding. For students, this experience is a reflection on how their own thinking has changed.

  I used to think....Now I think...
  Exit Tickets: I used to think....Now I think...
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Interactions Within Earth's Atmosphere

Unit 3: Understanding Our Changing Climate: Systems Thinking & Global Heating
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT describe what happens when solar radiation interacts with Earth's surface; explain how greenhouse gases cause Earth's temperature to warm; and explore data about changes in atmospheric CO2 levels.

Big Idea: Using computer models, students explore how Earth's surface and greenhouse gases interact with radiation.

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