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This year I changed this lesson by focusing on usage of calculators and interpretation of context to solve circumference/area word problems.  Lessons where students have the ability to use a calculator are very important in 7th grade. During the state test they are allowed to use calculators on two of the three days. In past years, when I have not given my students enough use of calculators, I found that they simply did not use them correctly when testing, missing points due to simple long division or multiplication errors. Usage of calculators also gives them the ability to focus on explaining the steps taken in each procedure as well as understanding what each term in an equation represents.

I also decided to add a diagnostic to the beginning of this lesson as well as a small assessment at the end. I explained to students that the “pre-quiz” and the “quiz” at the end of class included the exact same two problems, using different values. The hope is to empower students with the questions before the official quiz. By changing the numbers I ensure that I am testing their understanding of the procedures for solving area and circumference word problems.

As I reflect on the lesson now, I also realize that I should also be changing the wording, slightly, to test students’ understanding of context. The wording is changed in an alternate Quiz included in the last page of the attached document. 


  Pre-Tests: A Pre-Test and A More Rigorous Quiz
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Area and Circumference in Real Situations

Unit 4: Multi-step Equations, Inequalities, and Factoring
Lesson 18 of 20

Objective: SWBAT calculate area and circumference of circles by solving real world problems.

Big Idea: Students work with visual models and word problems to apply circumference and area formulas

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