Reflection: Student Led Inquiry My best fit line - Section 3: Fitting a Line to Data


Even though I was cautious, the launch section Powerpoint slides may have misled some students to think that outliers could be ignored, if all the other points on the scatter plot clearly show a strong positive or negative trend. Today, a student asked if outliers should be included if most of the data are in one area of the graph. This made me think about whether or not to include outliers in those beginning slides. Maybe, the fact that the outliers can change the data trend significantý could have been better stressed in Lesson 1 of this unit. My answer to this student was that a line of best fit represents all of the data in a scatter plot. Therefore, outliers must be included and we have to adjust the line in order to have an accurate representation. 

Another student asked why the line of best fit needs not touch any points. Again I said that the line is used to represent data so predictions of values not on the graph, can be made. I pointed out the linear equation displayed on the computer and indicated that the points need not be on that line. 



  Why include outliers?
  Student Led Inquiry: Why include outliers?
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My best fit line

Unit 11: Bivariate Data
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT draw the best fit line on a scatter plot of bivariate data.

Big Idea: Using a virtual manipulative, students draw their best fit line on real world data, then check and make predictions.

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Math, best fit line, bivariate data, linear equations, slopes, scatter plots, virtual manipulative
  50 minutes
line of best fit
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