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On this follow up to the In and Out Game, students look for behaviors in a system that may be controlling the inflow and outflow. These are called feedback loops. They form when a change in stock affects the flow into and out of the stock. They can cause the stock to maintain a certain level, grow or decline. Let you students discover these by playing the game. I found it helpful to use Socratic questioning techniques when debriefing the game before we practiced making some loops. 

Help your students to expand and clarify their thinking by asking the questions that explain their thinking. 

"Can you say more about that?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Does it always work that way?"

"What do people think about what__________ said?" 

  Looking for loops
  Discourse and Questioning: Looking for loops
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Reinforcing Feedback: Causal Loops

Unit 3: Understanding Our Changing Climate: Systems Thinking & Global Heating
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Objective: SWBAT create a model to show feedback in a system and explain how a model can be used to explain change over time.

Big Idea: In this second lesson on systems thinking, students learn how to graphically represent how and why things change over time using causal loop diagrams.

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