Reflection: Checks for Understanding What are Scientific Theories? Thinking Like a Scientist - Section 5: Extend


I have found using science talks in the classroom gives me insight into student understanding and is an effective formative assessment tool. It can be used throughout a unit of study to engage students in making meaning, having rich conversations about content and uncovering their ideas including potential misconceptions. For more about science talks, read the attached Talk Science Primer from TERC. 


  Checks for Understanding: Science Talks
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What are Scientific Theories? Thinking Like a Scientist

Unit 3: Understanding Our Changing Climate: Systems Thinking & Global Heating
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Objective: SWBAT differentiate between fact, general theory and scientific theory; explain that theories use evidence and logic to explain phenomena; and show how scientists use data from many sources to make inferences about the natural system.

Big Idea: This lesson will get you students mentally prepared for this unit on Climate Change.

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