Reflection: Student Ownership Visual Views on Education - Section 3: Roz Chast: What I Learned


They loved the cartoon!  The first ten minutes of the discussion ended up being "how about this frame!" and relating their own experiences to the cartoon, particularly the first two pages when she writes about elementary and middle school.  I was eventually able to work in the questions, but it was fun to let them just talk about the piece for a while (and I encouraged it by just being part of the conversation before eventually steering to the questions), and I thought it was valuable because in sharing stories they were using narratives for examples, and analyzing how the visuals and written text were working rhetorically as individual frames as we as building on each other to strengthen meaning.  It ended up being one of those natural discussions that worked as much for class bonding as it did analyzing rhetorical strategies in visual texts.  Which is a great thing in itself; these moments make teaching a lot of fun!


  A Great Open Discussion
  Student Ownership: A Great Open Discussion
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Visual Views on Education

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
Lesson 6 of 18

Objective: SWBAT establish the arguments made in a painting and a cartoon about education by examining specific images, and how words and images work together.

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