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One thing that I have realized can make or break a science lesson (or any lesson!) is how well I give directions --and that begins when I plan the lesson. The more thought out a lesson is, the more prepared I am to teach it...then, the better I give directions! Watch as I give Explicit Directions in this lesson. It really paid off because the student journal entries were awesome! They are detailed, labeled, and I can really tell that my students understood the content of the lesson because of the way that they followed along in their journals.

  High Expectations: Giving Explicit Directions
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Soils for Planting

Unit 8: Soil and Water
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT determine which types of soils work for planting different types of seeds and plants.

Big Idea: Some trees grow in the desert, some flowers grow in the rainforest...but almost all grow in soil. How do gardeners know what kind of soil to use?

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Science, soil (Geology), soil chemistry, Plantae, First Grade, 1.E.2.1 Summarize the physical properties of Earth materials, including rocks, minerals, soils, and water that make them useful in different ways. , soil
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