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Teaching kids to unify science concepts can be challenging. This lesson helps them bring what they've learned about the properties of wood into a comprehensible activity.

The kids tell me that wood is a solid that can be manipulated by using sand paper against it in friction. The kids are not expected to understand the deep scientific meaning behind this activity, only that the shape of wood can be changed by using sand paper against the wood.

The kids were so excited about changing the shape of wood using the sandpaper! Most of them were able to explain that the sandpaper was able to cut into the wood to change the shape.They then began to explain how animals that live in the wild can also change the shape of wood. They got into a discussion about beavers, bears, squirrels, birds and raccoons. They successfully connected what they learned in the previous lesson to what they learned in this one.

  Who knew, animals, too!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Who knew, animals, too!
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Just Sandy!

Unit 5: What WOOD you do?
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT understand that the shape of wood can change by rubbing sandpaper on it.

Big Idea: The kids work to answer the question, "How can we change the shape of wood?"

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