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For students, having to choose one testable question from amongst those presented in the group can be a difficult and emotional experience. To help students successfully select a question and preserve harmony in student groups, it is critical to provide a structure the question selection process. First, I review the speaking and listening skills that students use when presenting and listening to the presentation of a classmate. My aim is to have each student present their question and persuasive argument in a clear way and to have group members be respectful listeners. Once all students have presented, the next task is to select a question. To help students choose, I ask them to use one of two strategies; voting or debate. Lastly, I remind students that no matter which question is chosen, they all serve an important role in the team. In the next lab, students will work collaboratively to design an experiment to test the question. I remind students that their work is valuable and appreciated!

  Guiding the Question Selection Process
  Student Communication: Guiding the Question Selection Process
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Testable Questions

Unit 4: Land and Water
Lesson 16 of 18

Objective: SWBAT select a testable question about land and water.

Big Idea: In order to investigate a scientific questions, the scientist must determine whether the question is testable.

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