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One of my fundamental beliefs is that students should be given the opportunity to 'do' what they are 'learning'. This becomes apparent when I teach my Density/Buoyancy Unit. To me, calculating density is an extremely simple formula - Density=mass/Volume. I am surprised by how many students seem to have never seen this formula when we start an activity like this, even when I have spent three days exclusively teaching how the density formula works.

After they have worked the formula through practical applications like: Density Lab (Volume by Formula) and Density Lab (Volume by Displacement) they have a better grasp using this formula. I highly encourage you to include hands-on activities to support your direct instruction. The kids will learn more, enjoy your class, and make meaningful connections.

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Density Lab (Volume by Displacement)

Unit 7: Density and Buoyancy
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to calculate the density of irregular shapes by determining the volume by water displacement.

Big Idea: Water displacement is used in this student lab to help calculate the density of irregular shaped objects

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Science, buoyancy, density, displacement
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