Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Dividing with Decimals - Section 4: Sharing $$


This problem was a great way to get students to understand dividing with decimals.  Some students who knew the traditional algorithm used it to find their answer of $6.75.  Other students used a traditional method or the partial quotient method to figure out that each person would get 6 ¾ dollars, which is the same as $6.75.  Other students drew pictures to show each person’s money.  There were able to give each person a $5 bill and a $1 bill.  To split up the remaining $3, they traded it in for 12 quarters and each person received 3 quarters.  I had a student who drew a picture present first, followed by students who used the partial product method and the traditional method.  I told students that if someone presented a strategy that they did not use, they needed to draw it on their own paper.  I wanted students to make connections between all of the methods.

  Sharing $$ Reflection
  Diverse Entry Points: Sharing $$ Reflection
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Dividing with Decimals

Unit 2: The College Project - Working with Decimals
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT: • Make estimates of division problems • Divide whole numbers and decimals • Interpret a remainder

Big Idea: How can you split $27 equally between 4 people? Students apply what they know about division to divide with whole numbers and decimals.

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Math, Decimals, Number Sense and Operations, division, 6th grade, master teacher project
  60 minutes
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