Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Investigating How We Hear - Section 1: Instructional Notes


It turns out that my class planned much of the investigation in the previous lesson, so today's lesson focused more on completing the investigation.  I was surprised by a few responses, though!  First, one of my students suggested that we look at x-rays of ears to answer our question, "How do we hear?"  I certainly wasn't expecting to look at x-rays, but a quick Google Images search was all it took.  And, none of my students suggested observing our ears would help answer the question.  I actually suggested observing the ear, and then to keep it a student-planned investigation, I asked students what tools we could use and where we could record what we observed.

  Creating an Investigation
  Student Led Inquiry: Creating an Investigation
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Investigating How We Hear

Unit 4: Light and Sound
Lesson 2 of 18

Objective: SWBAT conduct an investigation of how we hear.

Big Idea: Introducing... the ear! Help your students plan and carry out an investigation of the ear.

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