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Every single lesson, I have a student read the objective for the day. It's posted at the front of the room, but students also receive it when they receive the handouts for the day (it's pasted on every 'Do Now' they get). I have them read the objective for a few reasons. Primarily, it lets them know what they're learning. I want them to understand that we have a literal objective and goal for each lesson, and everything we do in class gets us closer to reaching it. It also oftentimes signals the official "start" of the lesson as we transition from the Do Now into the day's new content. Finally, reading the objective generally allows us to come back to it at the end of the lesson to determine if the content we learned actually successfully led to learning. I usually ask at the end of every lesson if students feel successful via the listed objective, so it serves as a learning barometer for them (and me) to measure their progress for the day.

  Reading the Objective
  Classroom Setup: Reading the Objective
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Shadows & Time of Year

Unit 4: The Sun & Insolation
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify the relationship between shadow length and direction to the time of day and year

Big Idea: Both daylight and time have an effect on shadow length and appearance, and this changes as a result of season, time of day, and location of the Earth and Sun

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