Reflection: Co-Teaching Day One of Plaid Pete and Friends Build A Model Ecosystem - Section 1: Setting Up the Investigation


One of the very best teaching resources in a school is often overlooked - the school librarian.  I work closely with my school librarian who supports my students' content area studies with read-a-louds, search strategies, lessons on using references and research materials, and a large variety of other lessons related to both print and digital text.

The books featured in this lesson were far too expensive for one classroom teacher to purchase. However, when I made our school librarian aware of how terrific they were, she was able to allocate library funds to purchase a set.  

Given the complexities and rigor of the curriculum that we need to teach our students, we need all of the help that we can get!  It's great when you have knowledgeable professionals like these as collaborators and co-teachers.

  Don't Forget Your Friendly School Librarian!
  Co-Teaching: Don't Forget Your Friendly School Librarian!
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Day One of Plaid Pete and Friends Build A Model Ecosystem

Unit 2: Plaid Pete Discovers What Matters in Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT collaboratively construct a model ecosystem and create diagrammatic models to show transfers of matter and energy within that ecosystem.

Big Idea: What can be learned by observing a model ecosystem? Students construct their model ecosystems and use them to examine matter and energy transfers.

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