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One aspect of this lesson that really struck me is the variety of responses that I get from students. Not only were some students using sigma notation while others were writing explicit formulas, but there were also three or four different explicit formulas that were present in each class. This lesson served as a great review of algebraic exponent rules as we decided if each form was truly equivalent to another.

While there is no best form, one did make more sense when we wrote the explicit formula for a geometric sequence in a later lesson. We focused on the form where the first term and the common ratio were present in the formula. It made the most sense and was something that could be generalized for any geometric sequence.

  Rigor: Variations
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The Fractal Tree

Unit 9: Sequences and Series
Lesson 2 of 18

Objective: SWBAT describe sequences recursively and explicitly.

Big Idea: The Fractal Tree provides a challenging investigation of sequences.

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Math, Precalculus and Calculus, Geometry, Algebra 2, geometric sequence, partial sum, Sequences and Series, fractals, recursive formulas
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