Reflection: Reading with a Purpose: The House - Section 2: Reading "The House"


You will easily be able to see that the second read is easier than the first read and that the third read is even easier. Students will also recognize that the second and third reads are easier for them. During the first read, most students will struggle in one of two ways.  They will either underline everything or underline nothing.  Every student will be able to underline something during the second read and students will need less time for each read.

There are two main reasons why the the second and third reads are easier.  First, students are more familiar with the material.  Second, during the first read, students have no idea what kind of text they are reading, what their purpose is, and therefore, have no real understanding of what is important.  When students are given a purpose during the second and third reading, they have a purpose, a reason for reading.

  Insights into "The House"
  Insights into "The House"
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Reading with a Purpose: The House

Unit 1: Laying the Foundations: Teaching Routines, Procedures, and Expectations through Authentic Activities
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Objective: Students will be able to read literature and literary nonfiction by using reading strategies (identifying author's purpose) to aid comprehension.

Big Idea: Entertain! Inform! Persuade! Describe! Why is it even important to think about why I'm reading?

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