Reflection: Student Ownership Now hear this! - Section 3: Exploration ~ the wave crest


In this video, before we go on a listening walk, students are figuring out how they might like to record. 

See how in a student-centered classroom, student ideas are validated and are central to the decision about how to record.

I then took student ideas a step farther, using this opportunity to remind them of the ways that scientists record, and then gave them a rubric to glue into their science journals.

  Student Ownership: Student-centered
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Now hear this!

Unit 4: Light and Sound
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Objective: SWBAT communicate information about their observations of sounds in the environment.

Big Idea: Can you hear me now? It is hard to find a truly quiet place, especially when you are surrounded by first graders! Listen in to hear what your students find on a listening walk.

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