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It is so important to change plans and "roll with it" when something doesn't go exactly as planned!  Thanks to a huge snow storm, not only did this book not arrive on time at school, but we also got a notice that students were being dismissed early due to impending inclement weather!  Alas, we did not read the book today.  Instead, I discussed with students how we would close our eyes and really concentrate on listening at each location on the listening walk.  Needless to say, we also could not go outside!

  Flexibility: Flexibility
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Now hear this!

Unit 4: Light and Sound
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Objective: SWBAT communicate information about their observations of sounds in the environment.

Big Idea: Can you hear me now? It is hard to find a truly quiet place, especially when you are surrounded by first graders! Listen in to hear what your students find on a listening walk.

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