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Much too often did I consider the first part of a lesson a time to review homework or use just any activity to get the students all excited and ready to learn. Now I only review one or maybe two homework questions, if any. I try to be careful to choose problems that may have given most of the class difficulty. I think about this in advance, at the same time considering follow-on tasks that are related. I try not to follow homework review with an unrelated task. I want the task to provide some stimulus for my students to make connections. When possible, I want them to accessing their own knowledge.

I find that when I am able to successfully sequence tasks from Lesson 1 to Homework to Lesson 2, the ideas that we discuss are "stickier". My students are better able to retrieve the content when they need it again. 

  The beginning of a lesson
  Lesson Planning: The beginning of a lesson
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My best fit line

Unit 11: Bivariate Data
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT draw the best fit line on a scatter plot of bivariate data.

Big Idea: Using a virtual manipulative, students draw their best fit line on real world data, then check and make predictions.

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Math, best fit line, bivariate data, linear equations, slopes, scatter plots, virtual manipulative
  50 minutes
line of best fit
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